Black Dynamite

Pacman and Juan Great fight

The body of excellence (Manny Pacquiao) the unbreakable mind ( Juan Marquez) . The mind is stronger than the body, the mind controls the body , the mind knows the bodies actions before the body reacts. Juan displayed the future of elder athletes in fight sports which is now. Juan using his mind to predict and effectively counter a fair amount of attack’s from Pac man. It was a great fight. I am happy it was such a great fight for the sport of boxing. Congrats to Pac man. Big ups to Juan for a great fight which leave’s most feeling a controversial decision which most feel should of went his way. As they say you have to beat the chamipon to win the fight when your the challenger. Juan was the matador and was great at that. He was also a bull at times and was great at that as well. Pac was working ,working working. He was relentless. Pac- man has become a bit predictable because he has fine tuned his basic’s so everytime he threw a combo Juan knew he’d be exiting to his right( juan’s left ) thinkng it would be difficult to be countered that way but Juan was able to counter this often. Exiting after a combo like that when your a south paw is the basic and right thing to do.Juan knew this and used it against him sometimes. GREAT FIGHT. No comment on the decision just happy it was a great fight! Rematch next May! Lastly alot of people are pissed ya’ll will be hearing alot of this


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