Black Dynamite

Fight Camp for MMA – Minnesota


I went to Minnesota and stayed for almost  2 months. I stayed in Minneapolis with my friend, Roger Huerta, “The Warrior,” Dave Menne, and up-and-coming fighter Eric Leija. The experience was great. The house we lived in was the ideal fighter’s house, with matted floors for rolling, wrestling, and just being safer working out on something hard, even if you only kick pads. We had access to 3 or 4 gyms whenever needed. I was just coming off a WBC title fight that was declared a draw (it was a BS decision to be called a draw – check out You Tube for the fight) so although I had gained 15 or so pounds after dieting and cutting, I was still in good shape.  I got some time in with up-and-coming MMA standout Nick Compton, as well. With Roger Huerta overseeing my training, my ground game has improved more than just fair – it’s like I went from a 2.0 to a 5.5 in a matter of weeks. Roger and Dave’s conditioning was top-notch. They did insane intense hill sprints, lifted heavy weights (I like! I like!) and Roger’s plyometrics are sick – the guy’s like a ninja. Again, we had access to top-notch facilities–which was great–or we could stay home and do whatever we needed. 

So weeks went by as I stayed training 24/7 (which I do anyway, physically and mentally). So I am thinking of what I must critique when I am not physically training to improve upon these things..

I remember Roger getting a call that my opponent was backing out; this happened about 5-7 times throughout training.  I continued training because whatever I learn and improve on isn’t only for that fight but for every MMA fight in the future.  Besides, I thought they’d have a fair opponent for me at my MMA level. Not!  So I continue to help Roger prepare his standup for his upcoming fights. 

All in all, the experience was great just wish I could have gotten to fight.  Next time. God bless you all.


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