Black Dynamite

About Me

Cyrus Washington A.K.A. Black Dynamite


Started kenpo karate at around 5 years old with a friend of my moms who was into it and had been doing it a while.
I was hooked even before that because I loved martial arts flicks; yes the wing chun kung fu ones .
At 10 years old I was signed up as a birthday gift into WTF taekwondo and did that for 3 years – obtained my first degree black belt.
After that my focus was split somewhat on girls,the streets and school sports (which I was always an above average athlete so regular sports were easy).
In 7th grade i remember we did that thing where they say: “what do you wanna be when you grow up?”  my answer was clear – “kickboxer”.
During this time my uncles (all 3) were boxers and one was a former pro boxer, he taught me to box – just the basics and then in 12th grade I started boxing at a local community center for about a couple months.
I did more boxing about 5 years later and an amature boxing match which I won.
I did alot of training with a guy who “suggested” I could be ready for K-1 max in a year but he was full of shit – and was making money off me. This was my first lesson in the fight game and doing things for yourself.
While in school and then after school was finished i was getting into trouble like my peers and that was just normal for us, in our lives.
I got in to lots of trouble got sent to the Handlon Michigan Training unit for a while ,it was a place for troubled young men, got there and at first I was on the same path until after a while I started to change and realized there was a whole different world out there that I didn’t know about and wanted to check out.
I decide K-1 was what I wanted to do, to be with the big boys. At this time I was 202 lbs from eating good meals and going to college and lifting like an animal. I could squat 505 lbs for 2 reps,real squats not half way or sissy squats.
I got home in 2005 turned pro in 2006 and have been in Thailand Fighting for the past 3 years.
Ive had over 50 pro fights now and still have a lot to achieve and more fights to have.
I am 43 wins 13 loses in Pro Muay Thai career – Including Fights at the Kings Cup, Bangkok and even Bare Knuckle fights in Burma (won a bare knuckle Burmese fight championship title),2-time wpmf pk-1 international champion
I guess im hoping people will Tune In to this site and follow me and my fights, i have been gifted with friendships and support from family, friends and Jesus Christ my savior.
I am hoping to get more support and sponsorship so i can continue to achieve and step things up to the next level.
I take a lot into the ring with me – friends, family, God, heart and some axe kicks and spinning kicks as well.
this is the story so far…..