Black Dynamite


Sunday’s at Ma’s place

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Dinner was
exactly what I needed last weekend at my mother’s.  You know the
saying, “Good food can be god for the soul,” and the food was delicious.
My mom cooked and baked everything from scratch and it was
amazing.  I ate myself into a coma. I suppose all or
most of the foods she cooked boost serotonin (which turns into melatonin), so I
felt great and took a 2 hour nap right after I ate the meal, of which I had
several servings.
Mom cooked yams
that she steamed, then added Smart Balance, which is a healthy butter
replacement.  She added cinnamon which I have an addiction to,
(well, most who know me would say that I am).  Then she sweetened
the yams with agave nectar.  Cinnamon is great for a lot of things
as far as health is concerned, such as metabolizing sugar, carbs, and fat
She also made
some collard greens, which are quite healthy and full of chlorophyll.
I ate the greens along with cornbread muffins.
The turkey ham
was so good.  I don’t eat pork for my own reasons, so the turkey
ham hit the spot.  She also smothered chicken.  For
anyone who doesn’t know what the cooking term smothered means I’ll give you a
definition: This is when you cook something in the oven or stovetop
on low heat and allow it to cook very slowly, then you add
whatever seasonings you want, usually including onions.  The result
is very tender, mouth-watering poultry/meat.  It was so
good.  I stuffed myself with buttery (Smart Balance) biscuit’s and
strawberry jam.
The baked mac and
cheese was what I like to call “too good.”  When something is just
“too good,” I only allow myself a restricted amount and no more after
that.  I say “too good” because they can be uncontrollably
addictive. (Just for the record, “too good,” for me, only pertains
to food).
Last, I had
dessert.  She made my all-time favorite cake since I was a
youngster: chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese frosting.
Yeah, I know my
mom’s great, and that meal (plus the leftovers) was what I needed since my title
fight in Canada didn’t happen because of immigration issus in Canada. Thanks for
reading, and any questions about any other of the things here –
JUST ASK. God bless you all.
The video is me strength training,and testing my pure strength.I had a while off and wanted to make some brute strength gains.Carbs,carbs,and all that other good stuff.

The ultimate KL blog Article “In the ring with Cyrus Washington”

Here’s an interview I did a few months ago while  I was in Malaysia filming the show “The Challenger Muaythai” (the contender reboot 2nd season).Check it out and tell me what you think.

\”In the ring with Cyrus Washington\”

Cosmo vs. BlackDynamite

This a short of some of the excitment of the fight on May 14th 2011 between Cosmo and I. I apologize for the silence in the video as I dont know what happened but you can see the action loud and clear ;).Some people  have been asking when will Cosmo and I have a rematch.To answer anyone wondering that maybe reading this.I wouldlove to rematch Cosmo as he is a great fighter and number 1 in the world.I know I can fight him stronger and better but he has went into MMA and already has signed a contract.So if and when that will happen ,I am not cetain but I will say this I will be making some appearances in the cage as well so we will see what shall become of these decision’s to do MMA.I will always fight muaythai,no matter if I box or do MMA.Thanks for reading and enjoy the highlite of the fight.

Dangerous Dave Zuniga VS Black Dynamite

This will be my greatest fight yet.I been hitting the pads for 1 none stop 20 minutes round and doing everything else in the basic thai program to prepare for this fight.The fight is for the IKF north american title.I gotta have that belt.

Dangerous Dave Zuniga has been fighting for a long long time.I can remember watching him and Ben Dauck fight in Milwalkee when I was an amature in 2006 right before I turned professional.He is a great and tough fighter and I look forward to fighting him.The fight is in Winnepeg Canada on September 10th so if your in the area it would be nice to have as much support there as possible but I appreciate the support no matter where your giving it to me from.Below is an interview of Dave Zuniga.Thanks for reading my blog and God bless you


Butt whooping denial.

Just watch the video.The security gurad definitly has been training at a boxing gym or someplace like a boxing gym.Just watch and then when the other guy was interviewed he was in total denial saying he whoop the security guard lol.It was just funny to see them so mad.The security guard did his thang.The other guy can  at least take a punch,knee and a low kick no problem .lol

You reap what you sow

A lot of people think, for some reason, that
they will get better training in Bangkok than in Phuket or Koh Samui.  Or they think
training will be better in the countryside of Issan or up in Changmai rather
than Phuket.  To be honest, training is all the same all over Thailand.  Only a few things will differ
from camp to camp, such as who is training you, how much they focus on you and
show you techniques while pushing you mentally and physically, and the number of
thai –fighters that attend that camp.  It really is about how hard
you push yourself.  Bangkok is a place where you’d get to train
alongside Thais, and that’s good for inexperienced fighters to see how the
professional Thai boxers train and push themselves, but other than training
alongside those fighters, training isn’t better or worse in any province.
Just keep in mind when traveling through Thailand and looking for a gym
is that each gym has its strong points or styles.  Some gyms are
more technical gyms while others just focus on conditioning, strengthening and
Another thing to
remember: when you come to Phuket with the goal to be a professional fighter,
don’t allow outside influences to cause you to lose focus.  Yes,
there are lots of bars, prostitutes, and partying in Patong, but if you’re
serious, then you will stay away from that area and focus on your training and
fighting.  If you know you don’t have the discipline to stay away
from those things then it may be better for you to go to Issan or up in the
country away from the tourist and foreigners on the island.  I have
been in Thailand almost 4 years.  I am one of the best fighters in
Thailand and well known across the globe because of the sacrifices I make daily
to stay focused and continue to improve as a fighter and a man.  I
choose to not party in order to keep my body healthy and strong so I can train
hard, very hard.  When I fight, nothing can truly hurt me.
All in all, when you
train, no matter where you train, you get out what you put in: “You reap what
you sow.”

No matter what

Above is a short highlite of the fantastic fights at the past July 23rd Elite boxing Promotion called Thailand vs.Challenger sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC).


“No matter what life throws at me I will continue to make it through indefinitly.” I have a string of fights apporaching and you better believe I will train hard for them,like I always do.I am teaching a bit  right now and training a fighter on my fight team who is soon to make his pro debut.His name is Malik  “Sho’Nuff” Watson.His potential seems to be unlimited as he has an open mind and already so gifted.Standing 6’0 and fighting at 67-70 KG’s he will be a force soon enough to add to our list of top N.American fighters.

Muaythai is a sport,art,and business but don’t think I get distracted from my own training.Never.I make sure I take care of myself and get what I need.Seeing this is all I do I can train 3 people a day privately and myself no problem 2 times aday,it’s my job,my career.Yes of course I get tired sometimes but thats normal and I just push through the exhaustion telling myself it’s more mental then anything.I have a BareKnuckle championship fight in december I hope some of you make it out to see it.It will be epic as all my fights are.