Black Dynamite

Sponsors & Friends

The Fight Game can be hard and most of all there’s not much money in it until your at the top!


If anyone would like to Sponsor me as a fighter or have me fight on there events – Please hit me up on the Contact Me Page.

Sponsorship is a huge thing for any pro fighter – so im putting myself out there to anyone who can step up and sponsor me. I am willing to promote – wear your gear or use your product. I believe it is an investment because as i fight and rise to the top i will take your product and sponsorship with me.


I have dedicated my life to this game, with over 40 pro muay thai fights i feel i got a lot more to give.

Im fighting now on bigger events and stepping up the training. This is my life and i wont stop until i can be a champion and make a real living.



Please also help out the people who are and have helped me out:

Phuket Fight Store

Soul MMA Clothing

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp, Thailand