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Expend so much fighting the weight to only lose the fight.

Thats 2 loses in a row and four total,at weights lower than my normal weight and it’s completely because of weight cut.I aint the type of fighter or man to make excuses but thats the reason why I lost.I am also not trying to take anything away from my last 2 opponents but if they were fighting me at even 80% of my normal fight state I would of beat their ass,oh well shoulda coulda woulda dont change anything.But I am happy I am past it and so happy my next 6 fights are at 75 kilo’s – 77 kilo’s and maybe even do tournamnet in Russia at 80 kilo’s but I will weigh in about 77 kilo’s.I have to fight were I am strong not big but strong and fast..Well as I say some have to learn the hard way and I did,even at this point of my carrer with 60+ fights still learning.


Water Loading to cut weight

Started water loading today for my weight/water cut for weigh in’s Nov.20 in hongkong for my fight in WMC world title I-1 4 man elimimnation tournament.I always drink so much water cause I know it’s the source of life, our bodies are 90% water and all that but water loading is sumthin different I am running to the toilet every 10 minutes and I know it will only become more frequnt these next 3 days of loading.If your looking for me I’ll prolly be in the bathroom. Dont laugh it aint funny. Fight Nov.22nd hongkong WMC world title 72 kg’s.I gotta have it-that title. I do more than what it takes ,and I know I deserve it,and so much more.Get at me 1 !