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Expend so much fighting the weight to only lose the fight.

Thats 2 loses in a row and four total,at weights lower than my normal weight and it’s completely because of weight cut.I aint the type of fighter or man to make excuses but thats the reason why I lost.I am also not trying to take anything away from my last 2 opponents but if they were fighting me at even 80% of my normal fight state I would of beat their ass,oh well shoulda coulda woulda dont change anything.But I am happy I am past it and so happy my next 6 fights are at 75 kilo’s – 77 kilo’s and maybe even do tournamnet in Russia at 80 kilo’s but I will weigh in about 77 kilo’s.I have to fight were I am strong not big but strong and fast..Well as I say some have to learn the hard way and I did,even at this point of my carrer with 60+ fights still learning.


So anxious I grit my teeth,I love to fight!

Leave for Hongkong tommorrow for I-1 world title fight .I am good and ready.I have trained hard and smart so that I fully recover after weigh in’s,need most if not all my strength,and have the time after weigh in’s to get it back.I dont break under pressure and I expect to win this world title,becasue I expect to be close enough to my normal self (regardless the weight cut) to win it.I will take the 12 hour bus ride today to BKK,I do this so that I dont sit around thinking about water and food in my fridge I cant have,on the bus I have what I bring and that will be 250ml’s of water for those 12 hours.Get to BKK and sweat off the last 2 kilo’s,shower,get to the airport and fly.Weigh in sip,and stuff my face with oats,and a protien shake for the amino’s to stop catabolism,my muscular body will need it.Aye if your a fighter or Dietition and have tips for me things you know work I’m for it,but no Bull$$$$ cause I am certifed in Fitness and Nutrition sio I know bull; when it’s trying to be feed to me.So anxious often catch my self gritting my teeth and locking my jaws ,I just love to fight.Being in the heat of battle against an oppent at his peak and you at yours-it’s great!

My interveiw/article in Muaythai is Life Magazine,got alot of good stuff/fighters to read about as well

Top 5’s Best Boxer’s,ThaiBoxer’s/Kickboxer’s,and MMA fighters

My top 5 favorite/best of all time

 Boxer’s are Mike Tyson,M.Ali,Sugar Ray Lenard,Roy Jones jr,Jack Johnson.May be Sugar or Maywether
Muaythai Fighters: Ramon Dekker,Benny “the jet”Urquidez, Samart Payakaroon, Jomhod Kiatsidak, Manu Intoh Maybe Orono or Hoost

MMA: Dan Severn, Melvin Manhoef, Wanderlai Silva, Anderson Silva, Randy Coutour

Who’s your’s ? I didnt put mine in any paticular order that would take to freaking long ya’ll.Let em know !

Check it out       

Always Looking For Sponsors

As a full time fighter im always looking for support

Sponsors are always welcome – Got Soul MMA Clothing  helping me out at the moment and they just dropped some new shirts – so Check em out.



Got offered a fight against Legend Jonhod Kiatsidak

I am pretty sure I will take this fight. JOMHOD IS A LEGEND DEFINITLY IN THE ALL TIME TOP TEN BEST OF ALL TIME. Jomhod is a middle aged guy now but still a respectable fighter, he beat a well known foriegn fighter from spain a while back. He and I are prttey cool and have a mutaul respect for each other and I seen him in the bus station a month or so ago on my way back from Myanmar after my bare knuckle fight. Jomhod Kiatdisak one of the best ever and my opponent for December 29thI’m anxious to get in this fight already 🙂

Water Loading to cut weight

Started water loading today for my weight/water cut for weigh in’s Nov.20 in hongkong for my fight in WMC world title I-1 4 man elimimnation tournament.I always drink so much water cause I know it’s the source of life, our bodies are 90% water and all that but water loading is sumthin different I am running to the toilet every 10 minutes and I know it will only become more frequnt these next 3 days of loading.If your looking for me I’ll prolly be in the bathroom. Dont laugh it aint funny. Fight Nov.22nd hongkong WMC world title 72 kg’s.I gotta have it-that title. I do more than what it takes ,and I know I deserve it,and so much more.Get at me 1 !