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So anxious I grit my teeth,I love to fight!

Leave for Hongkong tommorrow for I-1 world title fight .I am good and ready.I have trained hard and smart so that I fully recover after weigh in’s,need most if not all my strength,and have the time after weigh in’s to get it back.I dont break under pressure and I expect to win this world title,becasue I expect to be close enough to my normal self (regardless the weight cut) to win it.I will take the 12 hour bus ride today to BKK,I do this so that I dont sit around thinking about water and food in my fridge I cant have,on the bus I have what I bring and that will be 250ml’s of water for those 12 hours.Get to BKK and sweat off the last 2 kilo’s,shower,get to the airport and fly.Weigh in sip,and stuff my face with oats,and a protien shake for the amino’s to stop catabolism,my muscular body will need it.Aye if your a fighter or Dietition and have tips for me things you know work I’m for it,but no Bull$$$$ cause I am certifed in Fitness and Nutrition sio I know bull; when it’s trying to be feed to me.So anxious often catch my self gritting my teeth and locking my jaws ,I just love to fight.Being in the heat of battle against an oppent at his peak and you at yours-it’s great!